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At the DMZ Group UK we have many years experience in plumbing and bathroom works, from tap replacements, Pipe fittings, Water removal after a leak, Re-sealing, Re-grouting, Tiling & Much More, So be sure to use us for your plumbing needs in Southampton, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

We are one of the only companies in the UK who can offer the choice of an hourly rate or set prices for any plumbing service, please note once the customer has decided on a type of charging it can not be changed at any point after booking.

An idea of pricing is as below..

Hourly rate of £60 per Hour, or....

  • Fitting of Taps £89
  • Fitting of bath Screens £79
  • Fitting of a shower cubicle £150
  • Bath reseal £45
  • Plumb in or out an Appliance £49
  • Unblock a Toilet £59

  • All other Plumbing services will need to be quoted.
  • Prices are on the assumption there is no furniture to move out of the way, no existing shower to remove, area is free to work, etc.
  • Parts are extra.
  • We do not offer a emergency callout service for plumbing.



Your plumbing questions answered

To be Honest we advise the set price, because you know how much you are paying from the start, On average it takes longer to perform most plumbing jobs as rusty nuts, bolts, stripping sealants, etc are not taken into consideration.
First thing you need to do is find the stop cock, usually located under the kitchen sink. If not then head outside to the front of your property with a flathead screwdriver, open the round Black plastic cap, sometimes metal square and turn the water shutoff for your property then call us between 9-5 to help. if in doubt call an emergency plumber to minimise damages to your property.
Yes, we offer a 12 month warranty on our work. Usually the parts also come with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.