Taking Care of Everything

Employment opportunities at DMZ Group

Welcome to the HR Department, Here you can apply for a job with us. Just enter your details in the form below and we will take it from there.

We know what it takes to provide a good working enviroment so we offer all staff 20% discount on anything our company has to offer, We also provide uniform, training & PPE free of charge. All staff would start on minimum wage but would receive a pay rise every year with us no matter what.

Our Employment Terms

  1. Staff are paid monthly, usually on the 4th of the month into a bank account only.
  2. Smoking breaks are permitted during the working day but a fair time policy is in place, see your supervisor for more details.
  3. Non smokers can have a refreshment break to coincide with the smokers break.
  4. We employ drivers mate, general cleaner, maintenance operative, sales person, oven cleaner, carpet cleaner.
  5. Staff can have the christmas week off without having to request this.
  6. Overtime may be available.
  7. Water will be provided by the company while at work<./li>
  8. On occasion tips are received, these are split between minimum wage staff, supervisors are not entitled to these<./li>
  9. Staff may use their phone while in the vehicle's but not while customers are present.
  10. Usual working day is 9am-5pm but on occasion later, only if the staff member agrees.
  11. Staff are welcome to an hour lunchbreak unpaid, they need to notify their supervisor each morning so time can be allocated.
  12. For every year s staff member remians employed by us, they will receive a payrise.
  13. Staff will be collected by a number of pickup points around the city, they will not start being paid until they reach the first job, but will be paid until they leave the vans at the end of the day.
  14. Staff are welcome to meet our vehicles at the first job of the day but they may be at a different location everyday.
  1. Staff will receive free training.
  2. Staff will be recorded on cctv while at work, this is not to observe them, rather to cover staff in the event of an event.
  3. Staff should give 4 weeks notice if leaving the company.
  4. Holiday pay is calculated by hours worked as we have irregular patterns of work.
  5. Uniform & ppe is provided though it's the staff members responsiblility to ensure they wear this.
  6. At least 2 hours notice is needed to report sickness.
  7. Failure to turn up to shift without any notification is instant dismissal.
  8. Any damages to customer property will be charged to the staff member that causes such damage.
  9. Staff are responsible for their own parking, personal insurance, etc.
  10. Failure to return uniform after leaving the company will incur deductions from wages.
  11. All staff will need to undergo a six month probationary period.
  12. Lateness is not tolerated.
  13. Theft is reported and would be prosecuted.
  14. On leaving the company, I agree not to undertake provision of the same services / products as supplied by the Company either from my own business, or the employment of a competitor to the Company, for a period of two years, unless this is specifically agreed by the Company. The company will only enforce that which is reasonable to protect its' business. If you breach this, Ceep Clear Cleaning/ DMZ Group UK will prosecute and seek costs for the amount of business lost..